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Smart trucks from Toyota
Smart truck from Toyota
Toyota System of Active Stability
SAS from Toyota, it all comes down to trust
Boost your energy efficiency
Boost your energy efficiency with Lithium-Ion

Toyota SAS, protecting your goods, trucks and operators as well as maximising throughput.



What can Toyota do for you ?

Forklifts, warehouse trucks, services and solutions from Toyota

Toyota is active all over Georgia & Armenia and provides a full range of forklift trucks and warehouse equipment, such as hand pallet trucks, powered pallet trucks, powered stackers, order pickers, reach trucks, very narrow aisle trucks,
towing tractors, electric counterbalanced trucks, engine-powered counterbalanced trucks, racking and automated solutions.

Our products can be used in a wide range of applications and environments such as cold store, manufacturing, production, retail and warehouses, transport and distribution and quiet operations.

Supported by service and solutions, like truck rentalused trucksservicepartsfinancing  and operator training, we strive to be the first choice partner in materials handling solutions. With a long experience in lean manufacturing we are proud to produce innovative and high-quality material handling equipment according to TPS.